Large Prints

Living Large

Recently, I had another opportunity to create some large prints. A client requested large versions of several of my images for their hotel. It is such a joy to share my work on a large scale. Large metal prints explode off the wall with color or draw the viewer in.

The Cement ShipStairway to the SunsetUnder the Pier

A Family Affair

Christmas 2013

Last year right before Christmas the Franchi family,  of Santa Cruz, came to me over a 6 week period and bought prints for the other family members for Christmas. Dad, of course, was last.

They sent me the shot below of them on Christmas holding the prints they got each other.  What a beautiful family. This is the type of thing that makes it all worthwhile. Happy New Year to the Franchi Family.

Franchi Family

Living Large

Lovin’ Big Prints

When my landscape images get printed large (20″ x 30″ and larger) the details and colors jump out and grab you. It is almost as if you are in the scene.

Dr. Aldereti (DDS) Office

I was thrilled when Dr Aldereti, an Aptos dentist, decided to adorn his office with my prints, featuring the local area of Santa Cruz. He chose two prints at 20″ x 30″ and two at 16″ x 24″. It is a honor and thrill to bring that much color and beauty into anyone’s space.

A Few Prints

Here are a few recently printed images at 20″ x 30″ (2 for Dr Alderete).