I am passionate about photography. Very few days go by that I do not shoot something.

Under the Pier

I love it when others get pleasure from my images. Sometimes, someone will say, “Uh!” when they see one of my images. That, for me, is the highest form of praise.

Art Studies

I studied CS and fine arts in college. I think it may have contributed to my insights in composition. My main art form was music, which I played semi-professionally for a while. I have now traded my guitar for a camera. It feels as though the camera is my instrument and the image my song. In my images, I try to embrace and reflect the harmony and rhythm of the world around me.


Folks ask how I get my shots and whether I “Photoshop” them? I do “Photoshop” sparingly: to correct color, remove distractions or maybe add vignette. I compose primarily “in camera” and try to keep it real, whatever that means at the time. I do employ HDR in many of my images, but try to keep it natural looking. I do not like to push colors or saturation. I merely seek to capture the world, as I see it. Most importantly, I wait for the right moment. I chase light. If you see someone running around on the beach with a camera, as the sun quickly sets, it might be me.

The Prints

These days, I print almost exclusively on metal, using the MetalPrintTM process. This gives the print an almost magical luminescence. These prints are durable and stand up to sun light without degrading. They are easily cleaned with window cleaner or soap and water. All prints come ready to hang.